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4 Cool Plans in Ibiza, Day and Night. Part II


Visiting Ibiza at the end of September or beginning of October can be even better than doing so in the middle of the summer. Remember that, here on the island, warm weather lasts well into October. And, the best restaurants are still open until the middle or end of the month. Right around this time, you’ll also be able to catch the closing parties, which, without a doubt, are among the best clubbing events of the season.

4 cool places day & night in Ibiza.


The larger Pitiusa, “Isla Bonita”, the White Island… Many are the names this Mediterranean jewel goes by. But, no matter what we call it, unforgettable moments are guaranteed – from midnight madness to total peace and calm – always with a touch of class thrown in. It’s all at your fingertips on Ibiza. Here at Ses Pitreras we have prepared the following list of cool plans, all certain to introduce you to  that chic atmosphere the island embodies. We’ve included two daytime plans and two nighttime plans so that you can experience both of these island vibes.

A Restaurant on Ibiza Every Day of the Week: Part II


In the first part of this culinary rundown, we cued you in to 3 restaurants on Ibiza and their signature dishes. Today, we are going to offer 3 more that will help you deepen your appreciation of island culture even more and enjoy its gastronomy with all five of your senses. Get ready to meet our most exquisite fine dining.

Hot List – 2017 Summer


The summer of 2017 is upon us and Ibiza is in full swing. Although it is true that the island has been growing steadily for several years, this summer Ibiza will be more full-on than ever. It is estimated that we will receive over nine million tourists from all parts of the world – a record-breaking high.

Ibiza’s Top 5 selfies


The island is full of stunning landscapes and crystalline beaches just begging to be photographed. If you post even a few of these, you’ll be the envy of your social media groups. That’s why we’re going to give you the lowdown on where to go to get the best Ibiza selfies. Then, all you have to do is smile!

Ibiza Opening Parties 2017


What is it about our island that attracts thousands of visitors? Ibiza is the perfect mix of fun, leisure and party for all tastes and all ages. With over 200 km of beaches, radiant sun, excellent cuisine and a great atmosphere, it attracts all those who love the beach and seek rest

Beach, Fine Dining, and Good Vibes in Ibiza


There are ways and ways to live the authentic Ibiza. And that’s why we will focus on a day full of activities for those seeking alternative and new experiences that will let you enjoy all the different sides of the island. From early morning until late at night, here are the best plans to get the most out of Ibiza. Enjoy!

A Restaurant In Ibiza For Every Day Of The Week. Part I


Are you one of those that when traveling cuisine is one of the main things you want to discover? Do you prefer a good local dish that the landscapes of your holiday resort? Is going to restaurants your favourite way of touring? Well then get ready because we’re going to show a very special side of Ibiza. We propose an interesting route for discovering seven dishes that will captivate you. Seven experiences for the palate that will give you the opportunity to taste the authentic flavours of Ibiza, flavours only found in traditional cuisine and in the signature dishes of avant-garde chefs who have found their inspiration here.

Cala d’Hort beach for everyone


If you come to Ibiza on holiday, in your plans is probably included going to the beach, as one of Ibiza’s strengths is its beautiful coast. Every corner, every cove, every fishermen’s hut and basically every inch of the beach can be an amazing place to spend the day lying on your beach towel when not swimming in the water. But there are some beaches that offer an experience beyond relaxation. Beaches whose landscape encourages you to explore it, and that’s the case of Cala d’Hort, probably one of the most outstanding coves of Ibiza’s west coast. Want to come with us to discover Cala d’Hort?

6 Tips for Organizing Your Trip to Ibiza


Probably, in every trip you’ve made experience has shown you how to organize your holidays each time better and not making the same mistakes. That’s why, so everything goes fine and as you wish, we bring you a few tips to help plan your trip and make your holiday in Ibiza an unforgettable experience.

Beach clubs to enjoy in Ibiza


In recent years in Ibiza, many beach restaurants have converted their business into the latest trend on the island: the Beach Clubs. These modern establishments still keep the essence of dining next to the sea but they add value to the experience with many and exclusive services and amenities that will make you feel like in paradise.

4 beach bars to cool off this summer in Ibiza


We all enjoy sunbathing on the sand like reptiles during the summer time in Ibiza, but we all know that if we spend too many hours under the sun at the end we must find a good spot with some shade and shelter from high temperatures. And that is the reason beach bars exist, so that you can relax right on the beach.

A small travel guide for visiting Ibiza. Part II


A day in Ibiza is for sure a day full of fun and surprises, there are so many things to do when it comes to enjoying the island you will not know where to start. This small guide is meant to put some order in this chaos of entertainment and therefore help you take advantage of every second on the island. Here we show you a series of places and activities so you can have an unforgettable vacation.

A small travel guide to visit Ibiza. Part I


If you have chosen Ibiza as your holiday destination you have surely made the right choice, because here the endless possibilities offered every season when it comes to enjoying free time are unimaginable. Therefore, among so much variety we want to offer this small travel guide to help you discover the best of the island.

4 cosmopolitan places for watching the sunset in Ibiza


Sunsets in Ibiza have lots of magic. Many visitors come to the island attracted by this spectacle and there’s plenty of places from where you can see the sun set right into the sea accompanied by special music perfect for this magical moment. Not surprisingly, Ibiza’s sunsets and its melodies are famous worldwide.

Trends and fashion. Shopping in Ibiza!


Ibiza is not only the island of freedom, nightlife and nice beaches, it’s also an ideal place to see and buy the latest trends in fashion. Although you can find all kinds of fashion and styles, Adlib, hippie and the most trendy fashion styles predominate. You’ll also find a large variety of the latest trends in accessories such as, sandals, sunglasses, summer baskets and much more. We go shopping around Ibiza.

Cala Conta beach, a natural paradise in Ibiza


Platges de Comte, better known as Cala Conta beach, it’s only five minutes away from Ses Pitreras boutique-hotel, in the municipality of Sant Josep, and it’s one of Ibiza’s natural paradises. With crystalline turquoise waters, white sand, beautiful sandstone walls and breathtaking views of the little islands off the coast. It’s a must for anyone who visits the island as it’s one of the most beautiful beach coves in the world, as it has appeared many times in various rankings.

4 cool ideas for enjoying Ibiza in June


Do you know what you can’t miss in Ibiza during the month of June and the rest of the summer? Are you ready for new experiences and enjoying your holidays? We’ve selected some of the most cool and innovative places and events: a restaurant with live shows entertainment at dinner time, one of the liveliest beaches and a market with its own style and lots of music.

Discover the new culinary proposals of Ses Pitreras Hotel, Ibiza


There’s nothing better than enjoying the cuisine of hotel boutique Ses Pitreras, in Ibiza, a place where you can taste a variety of dishes that will even satisfy the discerning gourmets. The restaurant, located next to the swimming pool, surrounded by a beautiful garden with palm trees, yuccas and bougainvillea plants, is the perfect place for peacefully enjoying with an excellent cuisine a relaxed plan gastronomically awesome.

A perfect plan for gastronomy lovers in Ibiza


Today we’re suggesting a plan with many options for having the different meals of the day and so that you can enjoy the excellent cuisine offered in the island of Ibiza. Because Ibiza is not only famous for its idyllic beaches, its nightlife and its landscape. Its also famous for the well you can eat.

Would you like to know more about Ibizan traditional gastronomy and cuisine?


It is well known by everyone the wide range of alluring suggestions that the island of Ibiza has to offer its visitors and residents. And every week from our blog we try to bring you the most tempting suggestions and recommendations. And today’s turn is for the fantastic and delicious traditional Ibizan gastronomy and cuisine. Without any doubt it’s one of the main attractions of our “white island”.

Ibiza’s best Marinas


Summer days in Ibiza. Many of our visitors enjoy these sun and beach days on their boats, sailboats and yachts, and that’s why during the summer months the island marinas are at full swing. And that’s why from hotel Ses Pitreras blog we thought it could be of great help for you to provide all the main information and contact details of the main marinas there are on the island of Ibiza.

The coolest restauranst of Ibiza


Summer is at full swing in Ibiza and we thought you might find interesting a post about stylish & fashionable restaurants in Ibiza and its cuisine. We’ll show you the places which the chic & stylish people who visit the island go to. Chic, stylish and famous people, and lots of atmosphere.

Lovely viewpoints of Ibiza


It is our intention from the blog of Ses Pitreras hotel to bring you every week the best suggestions so you you can fully enjoy the island of Ibiza. And today we thought of showing you some of the most tempting spots and places with the most incredible views.

Four lovely viewpoints that are really worthwhile visiting.

Marvelous Beach Route in the North of Ibiza


For the past few weeks we have been acquainting our readers with the marvelous beaches in the vicinity of the Hotel Ses Pitreras, that is, in the San José area. Today we thought it might be interesting to map out a different beaches route. We’re going to head up to the opposite end of the island, to the area just north of Santa Eulalia, where, as you’ll see, there are also many nice coves and beaches to explore.

Let’s enjoy the craft markets in Ibiza


Summer is in full swing and Ibiza, as everyone knows, is an island that offers a wide range of activities for holidaymakers. Today on our blog we’ll fill you in on a few of the hippy markets that are so alluring and draw in so many visitors. It could almost be said that these markets are an obligatory sightseeing stop, perfect for picking up something special and original as a memento of our stay on the island.

Attractive restaurants in Ibiza to enjoy ibicenco sea cuisine


Among the many appealing pursuits available to us when we visit the island of Ibiza, one of the most important is gastronomy. In this department, we have a marvelous range of possibilities to choose from. Today we will focus on restaurants within comfortable driving distance from the hotel Ses Pitreras, specifically restaurants where diners can discover and enjoy Ibicenco sea cuisine. To make things even better, all of the restaurants we propose are located on coves or beaches. Here we go with our top five recommendations for today.

Do you like golf?


Every week we will give you tantalising suggestions about what you can do in Ibiza, to get the most out of our stay in our wonderful island.  Beaches, Beach Clubs, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, parties, sports, special places, markets…

2 suggestions for special coves, Cala Saladeta and Punta Galera


Over the last few weeks, we have been writing in our blog  about the best beaches around the  Hotel Boutique Ses Pitrera. Today we will give you two suggestions, actually three, we will tell you more about them below, and one of them is not exactly a beach… But they are  two incredible suggestions. Would you like to know which special spots Ibizan places we are talking about? Keep reading, you will be amazed.

The 4 Best Ibiza Global Club’s


May is here! And in Ibiza, along with this month, come as well the opening of the best Global Club’s and the best parties. These fiestas have been travelling all over the world during the winter season, but right now, with the coming of the summer, the place is Ibiza.

Discover the best beaches in San Jose


Last month in Ses Pitreras Hotel’s blog we showed you some of the wonderful beaches in the area very close to our hotel. But there’s many more! Today we’ll continue our tour through other fantastic coves and beaches within San José’s township. All of them lovely and easy to get to from Ses Pitreras.