The best beaches, near Boutique Hotel Ses Pitreras

From here, our boutique Hotel Ses Pitreras blog, we continue showing you the best beaches and coves in the San José area, where we’re at. It’s the area of Ibiza with the best beaches and we think they’ll might interest you.


Today we’ll show you from Porroig area to Sa Caleta beach, heading to Ibiza town.

Lets start near the Es Cubells village, taking a look to Es Torrent and Es Xarco coves, which aren’t among the most famous or visited of the island, yet there are still are lovely. As well, both of them have a restaurant/beach bar which are among the best in the island, where you can have the best fresh fish and seafood, shellfish and paella dishes in the island of Ibiza. Both of these beaches have a natural unspoilt wild look touch which makes them special having a mix of Sand, rocks, pines and junipers. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a delicious seafood meal and want to avoid the very crowded beaches.

Now we are going to show you the also singular Porroig, a very peaceful cove. It’s not a sand beach, so it’s not a usual tourist selection. Yet you’ll notice it has those typical and traditional fishermen’s huts. You can get to these huts to access the sea, which is crystal clear with blue turquoise tones that will delight you. The area is very peaceful and the coast might be rocky yet it’s beautiful.

Next let’s visit the very trendy and with lots of atmosphere beach of Cala Jondal. A beautiful beach where you’ll find round stones, though fixed with a few sand accesses that ease the way to the water so you can fully enjoy the incredible water this beach has. Here, in Cala Jondal, you can visit two of the best beach club’s in Ibiza. Tropicana and Blue Marlin Ibiza, as well as a fantastic restaurant, Yemanja. A perfect place for whoever is looking for beaches with lots of “fiesta”.

And to finish, heading towards Ibiza town, you’ll find Sa Caleta, also called Bol Nou (though it’s actually named Bol Nou, Sa Caleta is a small fishermen’s cove very nearby). It’s surrounded by little clayey reddish rock cliffs. Known for its quiet and familiar atmosphere. Its shallow seashore and crystal clear water allow you entering by foot several meters into the sea. Perfect for the children.

Hope you’ve found this post useful. Remember, the best beaches near Boutique Hotel Ses Pitreras.

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