More incredible coves and beaches in Ibiza. Las Salinas, Es Cavallet and Es Codolar

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From Hotel Ses Pitreras blog we’ve already shown you some fantastic beaches nearby our hotel. And today we’ll keep showing you more beaches for you to enjoy in a great atmosphere and as well in the municipality of San José. We’ll suggest you you three options at only 15 minutes by car from the hotel.


Let’s start with the most popular beach of them three, las Salinas beach. When getting there, you can enjoy the nice views to “Las Salinas” (saltworks), the salt ponds where they extract the salt from as well as a protected area with a high value. Always a trendy and fashion beach. Tons of cool beach bars with lot’s of atmosphere, Jockey Club Ibiza. Motley mix of people of all kinds, tastes, nationalities… Facing the water, the more to the left, the more modern and extravagant people you’ll find, and more to the right side, you’ll find more quiet and family atmosphere. The beach itself is already excellent. Fine white sand and crystal clear waters. Just incredible. A very shallow shore. You can usually see some famous people there, as well as many people who work in the big night clubs. Incredibly good looking people! A must. At the end of the beach, stick a walk to the tower of Ses Portes, very quiet corner surrounded by fishermen’s huts.

Right next to las Salinas you’ll find Es Cavallet beach. Mythical and hedonistic beach. A benchmark in freedom and way of being that clearly represents Ibiza’s philosophy, from the days when the island visitors came seeking new experiences, love, peace and overall, as we said before, freedom. Officially it’s a nudist beach, mainly in the middle part of the beach. It’s much more quiet than it’s neighbour beach las Salinas. Unspoilt and wild look. Big waves when the east wind blows. The sand dunes are all around the beach. A perfect place to sunbathe. During the summer months is a meeting point for the international gay community. In the back of the beach there’s a beach bar, Chiringay, with club music and cocktails. Lively atmosphere all summer long. Undoubtedly, another restaurant for foodies, relax in one of their hammocks and enjoy a day beach and good food is El Chiringuito.

 Less known is the next suggestio, Es Codolar beach. A round stone beach, which makes it be not crowded at all. It’s very near the airport and the planes pass very close by. A singular and special beach. From not long ago at the Es Codolar beach there’s a new and interesting attraction. At the area known as Cap d’es Falcó, there’s a lovely lounge bar and restaurant. An amazing place for watching the sunset.

 See you next week. Greetings from Hotel Ses Pitreras

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