Would you like to know more about Ibizan traditional gastronomy and cuisine?

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It is well known by everyone the wide range of alluring suggestions that the island of Ibiza has to offer its visitors and residents. And every week from our blog we try to bring you the most tempting suggestions and recommendations. And today’s turn is for the fantastic and delicious traditional Ibizan gastronomy and cuisine. Without any doubt it’s one of the main attractions of our “white island”.


Ibiza, throughout its history has received a very important legacy from all the different civilizations (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs…) that had settled on its territory on different times. Traditions and customs that have clearly influenced in the ways of life and the character of the people of this Mediterranean island. Its gastronomy has always been dependant on the sun, the sea and its lands. A great variety of tastes and produce, always of the best quality. An autochthonous cuisine that is characterized by always using seasonal produce and elaborating easy yet nutritious dishes, wisely combining the land and sea produce and adding the cultural heritage touch.

The real secret of Ibizan gastronomy are its fresh and natural products, being the sea, the fields and the Ibicenco gardens the ones in charge of bringing us all these delightful food products, such as fresh fish and shellfish, meat and games, free range poultry and eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and fungi…

An easy yet wide and varied cuisine, full of different aromas and tastes that will surely seduce the most demanding gourmets. Wide range of sauces and olive oil based saute with onion, tomato, garlic, parsley, almonds, toasted bread… Pure Mediterranean style. And the cuisine is just fantastic and delightful! Rice dishes, such as “arròs de matances” (slaughter rice) and fish paellas. Stews combining meats and vegetables, such as “sofrit pagés” (peasant stew) with Ibicenco sausage and potatoes, very spiced. Also fish stew, such as “Bullit de Peix” (rock fish, potatoes and a light alioli sauce). Or the “Borrida de Ratjada” (skate fish stew). Also fried pork meat, calamari, octopus… All of them served with fried potatoes and peppers. Other delicious dishes are Calamari stuffed with Ibicenco Sausage, “Coca de Pimientos” (baked bread base with peppers) and Pork bones with cabbage and Ibicenco sausage.

And not to mention its sweets and desserts, such as “Flaó” (goat cheese cake with mint), “Salsa de Nadal” (translated: Christmas Sauce. Chicken soup, honey, cinnamon and saffron) and “Greixonera” (milk, egg, “ensaimada” pastry and cinnamon cake).

See you next week with more tempting suggestions. Pure Ibiza!

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