Pacha´s 40th anniversary in Ibiza

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In view of the fact that 2013 marks Pacha’s 40th anniversary on Ibiza, we would like to feature a nutshell history of this mythic night club. In four decades,  it’s come a long, long way.


The club first opened its doors on the island in June of 1973. Six years earlier, in 1967, the first of the “Pachas” had been successfully started in Sitges by the club’s current owner, Ricardo Urgell and his brother Piti. Since then, the most famous cherries in the world have not stopped growing. They have evolved with the times and revolutionized the nights in Ibiza. Always in tune with the latest trends and fashions, Pacha has also spread its clubbing style across the globe.

In its early years, the Ibiza Pacha flourished largely to the fact that, in a Spain full of prohibitions and complexes, the island allowed more freedom. Here, the tourist boom coupled with the Franco regime’s love of foreign currency created an enclave in which nightlife was given free reign. The powers-that-be also enjoyed projecting an image to the outside world of an open and modern Spain (though that was not really the case).

A lot has changed since then. In its early days, Pacha was no more than a country house on the outskirts of Ibiza town, decorated with wall hangings, pictures, candles and lights, employing fifteen workers and making music with one record-player. Today Pacha is actually a group of companies, not only clubs – though these are steadily branching out into the most important cities in the world.

Amidst this expansion, it is quite possible that Pacha-Ibiza constitutes the cornerstone of the whole group. It is the world temple of House. The best dj’s want – and specifically apply for – a place at Pacha-Ibiza. Its dazzling floor shows and performances are legendary. At Pacha, everything is an option, with a different type of music in each of its five rooms. It is the must-go place for the cool set. Celebrities from every sphere flock into the VIP areas to mingle in the exclusive milieu. But, as we’ve said, the Pacha Group is much more than this.

Lio, their Restaurant/Cabaret Club, has been an ongoing success since its inauguration in 2011. Among other charms, it affords one of the best night views of the floodlit castle and surrounding walls to be had in the city.

Its merchandising division, Pacha Collection & Accessories, yields constant growth. New sales outlets are opened on the island every year, with new items continually being added to their inventory. Naturally, there is also an online shop.

Pacha67, the club’s schooner, offers excursions by sea to the most fabulous corners of Ibiza and Formentera.

Its record label, Pacha Recording, produces and releases original compilations. And lastly, for the nourishment of body and soul, Pacha offers its restaurant and Beach Club, Sa Punta, in Talamanca.

Pacha is Ibiza and Ibiza is Pacha. Shall we dance…?

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