Spectacular beaches near Hotel Ses Pitreras

One of the wonders and main attractions of the island of Ibiza are its beaches and coves. Of thin white sand and clean crystal clear water, incredible blue tones. Always with that wildlife touch and lots of atmosphere. Pure Ibiza.

Very close to Ses Pitreras hotel we can find some of the best examples of these magnificent beaches and coves. Some of them are, we could even say, of the very best of Ibiza.

Let’s start with Cala Conta beach (Platges de Comte), for many people, the best beach in Ibiza. Only five minutes away from the hotel. It is actually two coves connected by a natural and magnificent central viewpoint. Looking the sea at Cala Conta can make you discover hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different sea bluish tones. From green to blue, and back from blue to green. Probably, the mix of different seafloors, sand, rocks, posidonia, the cleanness, being open sea and the Ibiza sunshine, provoke this blue colored explosion of bluish sea tones right in front of you. The three restaurant/beach-bars that the beach of Cala Conta offers you are just perfect. With no major frills, you’ll find a wide range of options of what to eat and how much you want to spend. Incredible sunset.

Another excellent Ibiza beach, just next to Cala Conta, is Cala Bassa, also very close to Ses Pitreras. White sand. Spectacular crystal clear water. There are little ferries that take you from San Antonio back and forth. In this beach you’ll find one of the coolest Beach Clubs in Ibiza. CBbC is a unique gastronomical space in Cala Bassa beach, arranged in four different culinary concepts and environments. Music and lots of atmosphere during the whole summer season.

Also very near by, you’ll find Cala Codolar beach. Is a much more quiet beach than the previous ones. There’s always people, but much more relaxed, and you won’t have any problems finding “your spot”. It has some round stones at the seashore, but there aren’t a problem to go into the water. There’s only one little beach bar. A simple one. A small menu but very reasonable prices. No modern and extravagant music and no “fashion cool” waiters. Quite the opposite. But it reminds you of how the real Ibiza beach bars were like some years ago.

As you can see, very close from Hotel Ses Pitreras you can choose and enjoy lots of different Ibiza beaches. All of them magnificent and unique.

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