Advantages to booking a charming Hotel-boutique in Ibiza

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In the past ten years, the accommodation offer in Ibiza in relation to Boutique hotels (like Hotel Ses Pitreras) has experienced a significant growth.


This growth is due to the increasing demand of these kind of hotels and to what they offer, and of course, because of so many satisfied clients that obviously come again.

So let’s see what they offer and what do we offer at Ses Pitreras, a charming hotel, versus the conventional big beach hotel.

Just like Ses Pitreras, these hotels are small, between six and fifteen rooms (in our case, seven rooms). And therefore, much more intimate. The visitors appreciate the privacy and tact that we offer in comparison with hotels with a hundred rooms or more.

The attention and treatment received by the client are fully personalized. A much more direct relation exists between clients and the hotel. We always attend to the needs and suggestions in a direct and personal manner.

One of the advantages that the clients appreciate a lot is the atmosphere in these kinds of lodgings. Giving always the best in design and decoration. Cute spaces. Every corner will have that touch which makes it unique.

The service is, without doubt, another of the advantages versus conventional hotels. The closeness, attentiveness and customization are exalted. The service expands beyond the hotel limits. They offer the clients a wider service and will help and guide the clients in whatever they might need. They can propose activities and places to visit. Ses Pitreras also has a Spa where you can enjoy a relaxing hydromassage pool, cervical jets and waterfalls.

And as well, without forgetting that we are in Ibiza, and our clients feel that. That’s why, all of the mentioned before is done with the unique Ibiza essence. In the case of Ses Pitreras, the hotel is housed in an Ibicenco building from the 70’s and keeps the Ibizan spirit touch.

 The clients satisfaction, our visitor, our guest, is our main priority.

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