Ses Pitreras, a boutique hotel in Ibiza

We introduce ourselves… Boutique hotel Ses Pitreras

Today we start Ses Pitreras hotel’s blog. Your blog. In which we’ll weekly publish articles about the island, events, traditions, trendy spots, where to eat, what to see, etc.

[:]And we’ll start presenting you the Hotel. Ses Pitreras is a Boutique hotel in Ibiza. Lovely hotel, charming, trendy, always showing the latest tendencies in interior design… Only seven rooms, which make Ses Pitreras a small but intimate and exclusive hotel; all of them unique, lovely and carefully taken care of.

But let’s start from the beginning. Its founder, owner and manager, Alberto Buil, in the 90’s was living between Barcelona and Sitges and he was already into the hotel industry, but he always found time to visit and enjoy Ibiza. He always invited friends and colleagues. Alberto is the perfect host. During a trip to Trancoso (Brazil), with his old business partner, they noticed different small hotels but with very good taste and very detailed-oriented. And the idea appears! So why not do something similar? And where else better than in Ibiza? This is how the story starts, leading into the inauguration in 2002 of the hotel Ses Pitreras.

In the first place, an Ibicenco building from the 70’s was recovered and turned into a contemporary place but keeping its Ibiza essence. A proposal which Alberto’s personal friend and designer, Joan Lao, was in charged of, transforming the space under the premise of design, new tendencies and comfort.

Located in the municipality of San José, near San Antonio and close by some of the best beaches of Ibiza, like Cala Conta (Platges de Compte), Cala Bassa, Cala Tarida or Cala Jondal.  Ibiza and  Hotel Ses Pitreras invite you participating in its particular way of life, chilling out or partying. You decide. Beautiful beaches, unique places, unforgettable sunsets, hippy markets, Beach Clubs and so much more to discover…

Alberto Buil is, as we were saying, a charming host that takes good care of his guests, and we could even say that it’s in his blood. Both, Alberto and the staff give their clients a close and friendly service. The hotel guest’s satisfaction is their first and only goal, always attending their needs and listening to their suggestions, which is so important for improving day by day and that have made hotel Ses Pitreras what it is today.

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