Let’s enjoy the craft markets in Ibiza

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Summer is in full swing and Ibiza, as everyone knows, is an island that offers a wide range of activities for holidaymakers. Today on our blog we’ll fill you in on a few of the hippy markets that are so alluring and draw in so many visitors. It could almost be said that these markets are an obligatory sightseeing stop, perfect for picking up something special and original as a memento of our stay on the island.


Each of the main markets is held on a different day of the week, in a different part of the island, and each has its own distinct essence, atmosphere and style. Not only can we stroll through their stalls and shop to our heart’s content, we can also take in live performances, listen to music, eat and drink. Each stall is unique and each vendor displays his wares and creations in his or her own way. There’s a bit of everything for sale: leather goods, one-of-a-kind items, clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, music, objets d’art, crafts… One thing they all have in common: All of the markets feature exotica, ambience and color.

Now a bit of basic info about the most popular and emblematic of Ibiza’s markets.

Let’s start with Las Dalias and its legendary hippy market, which is held every Saturday, year-round, and is located on the road to Sant Carles. This market started roughly 20 years ago with some five stalls and a handful of visitors. Today, in peak season, it accommodates more than 200 stalls and can take in up to 20,000 visitors on any given Saturday in August. Wares include Adlib clothing, trinkets, sandals, exotic musical instruments, ethnic music, silver and gold jewelry, decorative textiles, carvings, antiques, sarongs, books…you name it.

Another important market takes place in Es Canar at the Punta Arabí resort. This is, in fact, the largest of Ibiza’s markets and is held every Wednesday, from 10 am to 6.30 pm, Easter to October. The stalls line the walkways of Club Punta Arabí, and it is easy to lose yourself wandering through these charming lanes. This year marks the market’s 40th anniversary! It’s almost impossible not to find something you like as you browse through its nearly 400 stalls.

Before signing off, we mustn’t fail to mention one last market – not as big or well-known as the two we’ve  just described, but nonetheless very appealing – the craft market of Sant Miquel. It is held every Thursday during the summer and specializes in traditional and/or handcrafted items. You’ll find it by the village church, from 6 pm to 10 pm in the evening. This rustic setting brings together artisans, painters and artists who live on the island and meet here weekly to sell their work.

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