Discover the best beaches in San Jose

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Last month in Ses Pitreras Hotel’s blog we showed you some of the wonderful beaches in the area very close to our hotel. But there’s many more! Today we’ll continue our tour through other fantastic coves and beaches within San José’s township. All of them lovely and easy to get to from Ses Pitreras.


We’ll start with Cala d’Hort beach. A spectacular beach, and we could even say within the top five of Ibiza. This beach has the best views to Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell islands. Cala d’Hort is a big beach, with some irregular parts, high cliffs, fisherman’s huts and crystal clear water and its fabulous mediterranean sand. A spectacular sight and really good restaurants. When visiting Cala d´Hort you can go also go to la Es Savinar Tower, also known as the Pirate Tower, one of the best viewpoints in Ibiza.

Very close to Cala d’Hort there’s the cove of Cala Carbó. Little and welcoming, and not so crowded during the summer months as other beaches. With a kind of a wild look. A few stones on the seashore but not a problem to go into the water, which by the way, it is spectacular.

A few kilometers away you’ll find the beach of Cala Vadella, which has many touristic facilities, such as restaurants, shops, bars… The water is very calm thanks to the characteristics of the area, which makes the sea look like a real lake, with no waves, perfect for your kids, that can enjoy the seashore without you being worried. Besides, the beach is always very clean, thanks to the beach workers who rent the sunbeds which are concerned with the beach’s environment. You won’t find any “fashion & cool” beach clubs. But you will find a many restaurants of excellent quality food.

The next one is Cala Molí. Amazing views from the coastal road cliffs between Cala Vadella and Cala Molí. The beach of Cala Molí is a little bit forgotten, it has stones and that makes people to not appreciate it much, yet for that same reason it makes the beach not a bit crowded, which is something very valuable during the summer months. The water is marvelous and it’s perfect for whoever is seeking for quietness and intimacy.

And today we are finishing with Cala Tarida beach. Very pretty beach. Thin sand clean water. Turquoise blue tones. Fantastic views. Very close from the hotel. And as well with lots of tourist facilities and very nice and good high quality restaurants.

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