5 reasons to travel to Ibiza and not worrying about anything

There are a thousand reasons to choose Ibiza as a your holiday destination: Its beaches, sunsets, landscapes, its unique cosmopolitan atmosphere, its modernity, its fun nightlife… The list is so long it would never end, but here are five good reasons for convincing you.



Landscapes and beaches. Ibiza is a green island with soft mountains covered with pine trees. It has one of the most spectacular coastlines in the Mediterranean, with about a hundred beaches and coves and amazing cliffs in some parts. The choice of beaches is amazing: of white sand and turquoise waters, such as Platges de Comte and Ses Salines; of fine sand and emerald waters, like Benirràs and Cala Mastella, and pebble beaches, such as Es Codolar. The variety is impressive and you can always find a quiet spot to take a swimming like if you were in paradise.


Cuisine and restaurants. In Ibiza you can dine very well. You’ll find a large amount of restaurants of all kinds, from the cheapest with simple food and dishes, like sandwiches and tapas, to more luxury and VIP restaurants. Ibizan typical and seafood cuisine can be enjoyed in numerous beach restaurants where you can try fresh seafood and excellent rice dishes. There are also fantastic restaurants inland and in the main towns and villages, with of all kinds of foods and cuisine: International cuisine, signature cuisine, Japanese, Italian, Thai… The cuisine variety is infinite in the island of Ibiza. Simply scrumptious.


Unforgetable moments: Sunsets and beautiful walks. The island’s landscape is very beautiful and there are many routes you can do walking, cycling or by sea (whether by boat, kayaking or paddle surfing, for example). Also, watching the sunset is a must. You can watch it from many parts of the island, yet the most popular places are from Ses Variades (Sant Antoni), where the legendary Café del Mar is situated, and from Cala Comte.


Cosmopolitan atmosphere. Ibiza is famous for many reasons, like for being the hippie island, the island with the best nightlife, the island of VIPs and celebrities and, above all, for being a great place with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, where people come from all around the world. Walking through places like the Ibiza harbor at night, the beach of Ses Salines, the marinas or the hippy markets will give you an idea of ​​the wide variety of peoples that come to the island in summer, in an atmosphere of freedom and total tolerance.


The latest fashion trends. Going shopping in Ibiza is a pleasure. The island has many shops and boutiques where you can find top international and Spanish brands. It also has the appeal of having its own fashion: Adlib fashion, characterized for its white colour. It’s also a perfect place for getting a boho look, as there are many shops of this style as well as several very popular hippy markets, which also feature handmade and unique garments.