A Restaurant In Ibiza For Every Day Of The Week. Part I

Are you one of those that when traveling cuisine is one of the main things you want to discover? Do you prefer a good local dish that the landscapes of your holiday resort? Is going to restaurants your favourite way of touring? Well then get ready because we’re going to show a very special side of Ibiza. We propose an interesting route for discovering seven dishes that will captivate you. Seven experiences for the palate that will give you the opportunity to taste the authentic flavours of Ibiza, flavours only found in traditional cuisine and in the signature dishes of avant-garde chefs who have found their inspiration here.

[:]So all we have to say for now is bon appetit!


Tartare At The Jockey Club Ibiza in Ses Salines

First of all we want to recommend you a refreshing dish ideal for enjoying by the seaside: marinated salmon tartare. And nowhere better for enjoying this delicious dish than at the beach of Ses Salines. The place we recommend is, without a doubt, Jockey Club Ibiza in Ses Salines, a fantastic beach restaurant that offers a varied menu of international flavors. This cozy place has the privilege of having incredible vistas of the beach and the best music to accompany every moment of the day. Once you get a table, let yourself be carried away by the flavors of its delicious salmon tartare marinated with cucumber, crème fraîche, beets, vodka and pistachio. An original combination that makes this dish totally different from any other tartare you’ve tried.


Bullit de Peix At Cala Mastella

This time we head to the northeast of the island to discover one of the most secluded and charming coves of the island. Cala Mastella, a cove where as well as enjoying the sea, you can also enjoy one of the most traditional dishes of the island under the shelter of an authentic fishermen’s port as those of yesteryear. This place is known as the restaurant of ‘El Bigotes’ (literally, the whiskers), an emblematic figure who for years was in charge of making the legendary Bullit de Peix with arroz a banda and that still today is prepared by his heirs, always keeping all of the original essence. Don’t expect big ostentation. The place is very casual and the menu is so terse that you’ll hardly find another dishes as an alternative, but you’ll surely be more than satisfied with their speciality. The Bullit is made with the best fresh Mediterranean rockfish which is boiled along with potatoes and green beans. It is served dry, without the broth, and with a thin layer of aioli covering the whole dish. The leftover broth is used to make an arroz a banda, which is served directly in the paella pan as the second course. Probably one of the most authentic dining experiences you can enjoy on the island.


Candied Bacon At Restaurante Can Berri Vell

To continue the feast the best option is to enjoying dinner at a privileged place on the island, Sant Agustí des Vedrà, one of those villages that seem trapped in time and where at its main plaza is Can Berri Vell, a fine restaurant with exquisite taste housed within the walls of a traditional Ibizan house. You can enjoy dishes as elaborate as its confit Pancetta at low temperature with chickpea hummus, anemones and sea coca peppers, new this season the chef Bruno Hernandez. If you are looking for a romantic place to enjoy the cuisine made with passion, Can Berri Vell will meet your expectations.