Cala d’Hort beach for everyone

If you come to Ibiza on holiday, in your plans is probably included going to the beach, as one of Ibiza’s strengths is its beautiful coast. Every corner, every cove, every fishermen’s hut and basically every inch of the beach can be an amazing place to spend the day lying on your beach towel when not swimming in the water. But there are some beaches that offer an experience beyond relaxation. Beaches whose landscape encourages you to explore it, and that’s the case of Cala d’Hort, probably one of the most outstanding coves of Ibiza’s west coast. Want to come with us to discover Cala d’Hort?



Cala d’Hort and its Surroundings

This beach is located in the southwestern tip of the island, in the municipality of Sant Josep. This part of the island has a fairly rugged coastline, but at the bottom of its cliffs there is still room for small wonders such as Cala d’Hort. The main virtue of this corner is its splendid land and seascape featuring the most iconic picture of Ibiza, the famous islet of Es Vedrà, accompanied by Es Vedranell. There’s nothing like sitting on the wooden pier you’ll find in this beach and watch the sun hide behind the islets. When sunset time comes, also, an ideal place to visit, very near Cala d’Hort, is Es Cap des Jueus. A set of beautiful cliffs with amazing panoramic views, situated south of the cove. Here you’ll also find Torre des Savinar, an old defense tower which you can access the inside of it to enjoy the seascape even better. If you’re a history buff, on the way to this beach you’ll find Ses Paises of Cala d’Hort, the remains of one of the first settlements on the island, a key element of Ibizan history. Finally, at the other side of Cap des Jueus, is Sa Pedrera, popularly known as Atlantis since the hippie era. The attractiveness of this place, somewhat complicated to reach, are its curious geometric shapes of the rocks which allow the existence of natural pools. This is due because once this place was a quarry from which stone was taken to build stone structures, such as the walls of Dalt Vila.



What to Do

At Cala d’Hort, as in most beaches, just by lying on the sand while enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves is a great and relaxing experience. But you’ll probably want more, right? A great option is to rent a Paddle Surf board and take a ride to the nearest coast, and if you’re an adventurer, maybe even to Es Vedrà. Another interesting option is to visit Cap des Jueus at sunset time. Enjoying the sunset from this point of the island is probably one of the greatest privileges for one’s sight as from here the view is unique. And if you’re feeling with energy, it is well worth climbing to Torre des Savinar tower (the road is somewhat steep) to make such a beautiful moment even more satisfying. Another fascinating activity you can enjoy in the area is hiking. Descending to Atlantis will test one’s capability. Near Cap des Jueus is the road that leads to this picturesque corner, the way down is quite easy, but the way back gets more complicated with the steep slope. Once at the bottom, you can enjoy the reward of a refreshing swim in its natural pools. Also you’ll find some works of artisans carved into the sandstone walls, result of being a hippy hotspot in the 70’s.


Where to Eat

If you’ve come to spend the day at Cala d’Hort you can’t forget the sacred moment of lunchtime, that moment you separate from the sand to regain strength in the shadow of one of the beach restaurants. If you are a seafood lover, this will be your lucky day, as three of the best restaurants on the island, specialized in this kind of cuisine, are located on this beautiful beach. El Carmen has breathtaking views from its terrace. And any of its baked fresh fish will be an exquisite main course, and their delicious ‘frita de calamar’ (fried squid with vegetables) will be the perfect starter for this feast. If you prefer to stay with your feet on the sand, you can go to Restaurante Cala d’Hort, located right on the beachfront, which is perfect for trying an authentic Ibizan paella. And beyond the fishermen’s huts, perched on the cliff you’ll find Es Boldadó, a legendary seafood cuisine restaurant from whose terrace you’ll enjoy a full panoramic view of the whole bay of Cala d’Hort, and it is open all year round. It is a difficult decision to choose one as it is hard tell which one is the best. But whichever one you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

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