Ca n’Alfredo

Ca n’Alfredo  is a small intimate restaurant located in the very heart of Ibiza town on Vara de Rey promenade. Ca n’Alfredo still serves authentic Ibicenco cuisine, prepared to the exacting standards of its owner and proprietor, Juanito Riera. A born and bred islander with an innate sense of hospitality,  who  has a knack for striking the perfect balance between familiarity and professionalism.

His kitchen turns out such tasty traditional dishes as “sofrit pagés”(meat, poultry and potatoes with sausage and chick peas),  “burrida de ratjada”(fish) and “arroz de matanzas”(rice soup with pork). This culinary stronghold is a sure bet for discovering and savoring the best in Ibicenco food.

Reservations: +34 971 311 274 –