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Ibiza’s Top 5 selfies


The island is full of stunning landscapes and crystalline beaches just begging to be photographed. If you post even a few of these, you’ll be the envy of your social media groups. That’s why we’re going to give you the lowdown on where to go to get the best Ibiza selfies. Then, all you have to do is smile!

Beach, Fine Dining, and Good Vibes in Ibiza


There are ways and ways to live the authentic Ibiza. And that’s why we will focus on a day full of activities for those seeking alternative and new experiences that will let you enjoy all the different sides of the island. From early morning until late at night, here are the best plans to get the most out of Ibiza. Enjoy!

4 cosmopolitan places for watching the sunset in Ibiza


Sunsets in Ibiza have lots of magic. Many visitors come to the island attracted by this spectacle and there’s plenty of places from where you can see the sun set right into the sea accompanied by special music perfect for this magical moment. Not surprisingly, Ibiza’s sunsets and its melodies are famous worldwide.